Leafy Gains protein cookies

Leafy Gains protein cookies are equally nutritious as they are delicious. Ranging from 16 to 25g of plant based protein per cookie, they are perfect for the fitness enthusiast in your life, those with sensitive digestive systems, or those with a busy schedule. They will satisfy the taste buds of the fussiest of eaters. Yes, even kids!

  • Plant based protein:

    Our cookies are made with a blend of Non-GMO pea, hemp and organic brown rice protein. We wanted to create a dairy free protein snack that would be easy to digest, has less impact on our planet and is suitable for our vegan friends.

  • Sweeteners:

    We believe in using whole minimally processed ingredients that your body can recognize. It’s for that reason that we chose unsweetened apple sauce, dried fruits and organic cane sugar to sweeten our cookies. Filled with fiber and nutrients, your taste buds and body will thank you after eating these.

  • Fiber:

    We know how important fiber is to keep our digestive system happy, but it isn’t always easy to eat enough of it. We’ve made it easier for you by packing our cookies with 9-11g of fiber from real whole foods. You can now indulge while reaping all the health benefits.